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Pullups are Primal

Don’t Deny where you’ve been We’ve mapped this territory before: Turn on any late night program, or scan through the seemingly endless array of Fitness Magazines, and you’ll inevitably be touched by the craze du jour–be it “functional ?tness,” “crazy ?tness,” “boom shaka lacka technique,” Kettlebell Hell routines, Special Ops Tactical Strength and Conditioning, you … Continue reading Pullups are Primal

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Beginning Pullups to Advanced Pullups: 25 Pullup Variations

Posted by Brenda Wallace Any bodyweight exercise relies on three components for it to work: (1) Resistance (2) Distance (3) Stability Change any one of these and you’ll have a variation that you can try in any bodyweight exercise. The pushup shows this the best. Doing pushups with your hands higher than your feet (incline … Continue reading Beginning Pullups to Advanced Pullups: 25 Pullup Variations

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Pull up bar video

Cinematographer/Editor: Alden Miranda Athlete: Phillip Caballero, Crossfit enthusiast. Music by Nasty Nasty, Song: Doctor Go to the Videos Page for more Stud Bar videos.

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